September 7, 2006



President Phil Borchardt called the morning session of the meeting to order at 9:30am with 48 members in attendance.


The speaker was Tom Milton, an engineered wood specialist, with APA (The Engineered Wood Association).  Mr. Milton gave a presentation on various engineered wood products and also on moisture and mold intrusion.  He went over the statement “sized for spacing” which is noted on some grade stamps.  It was explained that this statement means that the wood structural panel has been cut shorter to allow for the required 1/8” spacing between panels.  The difference between exposure 1 and exterior sheathing were discussed.  Mr. Milton stated that the difference deals with the bond strength only and that both products use the same glues.  Exposure 1 can not be exposed to the elements for more than 4-5 months.  OSB is always exposure 1 and can never be left out in the elements like plywood.  Span ratings and nailing patterns were also discussed.  Mr. Milton stated that the following web site has valuable information on fasteners, “International Staple, Nail, & Tool Association”.


Over driven fasteners were discussed.  He stated that APA recommends that if more than 20% of the fasteners are overdriven then 1 additional fastener should be installed for every 2 that are overdriven.  He discussed the requirement to cut off the tongues on floor panels at the rim joist area.  Narrow width roof sheathing panels were discussed.  It was noted that roof-sheathing panels shall not be less than 24” in width without blocking or additional clips.  If anyone has questions the APA help desk can be reached at (253) 620-7400 or at


The business meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.  A motion was made and accepted to approve the August 11, 2006 meeting minutes.  The treasurer’s report was also presented and approved by the membership.




A special thanks to Jon Oldenburg and Rob Cormier for all their effort in planning the Environmental Meeting.


Jack Watruba was introduced as the new UDC Code Consultant responsible for our area of the State.  It was noted that for questions we should contact him at (920) 360-0020.  Dan Shanahan was also introduced as a new plan examiner with the Department of Commerce based out of the Green Bay office.




Jack Van Der Weele discussed that our association is part of the League of Municipalities and part of Region 3 of the ICC.  He stated that there will be dues requirements down the road for being part of the ICC.  This enables our association to the benefits of having access to ICC trainers and speakers.  The State will more than likely require each quadrant of the State to pay dues.  We currently are part of the State Chapter but we are not part of the Local Chapter due to not having the required minimum of 20 members represented.  Each Municipality represents one member.


Roger Sydow gave a presentation on the proposed by-law changes that the committee is recommending.  The changes can only be voted on at the Annual Meeting.  He will post the proposed changes on the association web site by the beginning of October.


Peter Fetters discussed relocating our monthly meetings to a new facility due to problems we have been having with the current facility.  He will compile all of the information and present it at the November meeting.  He is currently looking at comparing the Gathering, Best Western, and Comfort Inn in Shawano.  It was discussed that our association would prefer to keep the meetings in Shawano to keep consistency.  It was also mentioned that we could go to a facility where the meal was not provided due to more than half of the membership leaving to eat off site.  It was also noted that the Comfort Inn facility is very nice and comfortable.


Phil Borchardt noted that he was not sure if the Gathering was booked for the 2006 Annual Meeting in December.  Peter Fetters will check with Bobbie Krozell to see if the Gathering was booked for this meeting.

A special thanks to the Information & Schooling Committee for lining up presenters.  It was noted that if anyone has ideas for speakers please contact Dennis Jensen.  It was also noted that our association should get a speaker to come and present on propane installations at a future meeting.  A discussion also took place on having a meeting at UL in Chicago or the Energy Home & Forest Products Lab in Madison.


It was noted that the concrete insulated forms have WI State Approval for foundation use only.  If a home is going to use these for the 1st or 2nd floor structural analysis is required.


The 2007 updates for spring training in Green Bay are scheduled for February 5th – 8th.


Brian Walters is putting association pictures on the web site.


Terry Fambrey is the new electrical representative for our area in place of Ray Weber.


Nicole Krahn resigned as secretary.  President Phil Borchardt appointed Jon Oldenburg to the secretary position effective at the November meeting.  The secretary position will need to be voted on at the Annual Meeting.  Mrs. Krahn will forward Mr. Oldenburg the Excel documents.




Katie Stadtherr gave an update on the Code Council Meeting.  She discussed the corner bracing issue and stating that it was once again tabled.  She voiced her concerns and stated that our association should discuss our concerns/code issues and present them to the code council due to the code not changing to meet today’s home construction.  This will be discussed at a future meeting.


It was noted that the meeting start time was changed at a previous meeting to have all meetings start at 9:30a.m.


Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Nicole Krahn

Secretary, NEWBIA



Looking Forward…


October 5th                            Wausau Homes & Weston Power Plant Tour


10:00 a.m.                             Meet at the Education Center at Wausau Homes

11:30-12:30p.m.                  Lunch on your own

12:30p.m.                              Meet at Weston power plant

(need the following to attend the tour: HardHats, Steel Toe Shoes, and Safety Glasses)


****Possible Construction Delays- See the map on the web site****


If you have questions or would like to sign up contact Dennis Jensen at 920-339-4053 or email him at


November 2nd @ 9:30am  Truss Joist

                                                Discussion on Tall Walls and Saddles for Beams