NEWBIA Minutes 12/01/06


The business meeting was called to order by President Phil Borchardt at 11:30AM Following introductions the annual Treasurers report was presented to the group by Peter Fetters. The report was approved by the group. An error in the November minutes was brought up. The November speaker should have been under their new company name “I-Joist” rather than the former,” Truss Joist”.  The November minutes where then approved by the group.


2007 dues are now payable; a form accompanies these minutes and should be forwarded along with payment to the Treasurer, Rob Cormier.


The President thanked the group subcommittees for their help in the past year. He also thanked the City of Depere for sponsoring the UDC Inspection seminar and the Village of Little Chute for help in the annual Environmental Day. He also recognized the efforts of the secretary, web site committee and others for their help during his term of office.


Brain Walters presented a 20-year award to Rodger Sydnow recognizing his time and service with the organization. This was followed by the presentation of a 30-year award to David Nitz. Brian also recognized that Charter Member, Jim Novak was present. Jim was instrumental in the founding of the Chapter in 1971.


Peter Fetters reported that he has come up with three possible sites for monthly meeting places in the Shawano area, The Best Western, The Comfort Inn and The Gathering. The Best Western was reported to be the least costly but there have been issues under the present management in room set up and general preparedness for the meeting. The Comfort Inn has comparable facilities to the Best Western at a competitive cost per meeting ($210). The Gathering also presents similar facilities at a slightly higher cost ($275). A motion was made and seconded to relocate the meeting site to The Comfort Inn. The motion was approved and carried. Peter will set the meeting for January 04 2007 to be held at the Shawano Comfort Inn @ 9:30AM. The speaker will be Joe Nagen.


President Phil Borchardt briefly reviewed the proposed By-law changes. These changes where than approved by the group.


Secretary Jon Oldenburg reviewed the proposal to present a recognition of service award the NEWBIA President upon completion of their term. This was approved by the group to be done in the form of a certificate starting with the current President.


A motion was made by Rodger Sydnow to ratify the presented ballot of candidates for office and appoint them as listed. This was seconded and approved by the group. The NEWBIA cabinet for 2007 is as follows:  President-                 Peter Fetters

                                                                                                Vice President- Mike Miller

                                                                                                Secretary-            Jon Oldenburg

                                                                                                Treasurer-             Rob Cormier

                                                                                                Trusties-                Jack VanderWeele       

                                                                                                                                Chris Jensen

                                                                                                                                Phil Borchardt

                                                                                                Inspector of the year- Allyn Dannhoff


President Phil Borchardt handed the meeting to the President elect, Peter Fetters. Peter thanked the group for their support and thanked Phil for his service. He then called for the trusties to start the annual audit of the books. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded and approved by the group. The meeting was adjourned at 1:45PM.                                                                                                                 




Respectfully submitted,

 Jon Oldenburg

 Secretary NEWBIA