BIANEW Minutes 04/05/07


††††††††††† The morning presentation for the April meeting was by Glen Warbsa of Ahern Fire Protection. The subject was ďAn occupancy Approach to Buildings and Fire Protection. Glen reviewed the basics of the current Wisconsin Commercial Building Code in regards to occupancy, types of construction and how the installations of sprinkler systems affect the allowances of the code. He then followed with an overall review of the NFPA 13 code and how it is configured. He then reviewed the sprinkler codes interaction to occupancies and fire loads.


††††††††††† President Peter Fetters called the BIANEW April business meeting to order at 11:35AM with 34 members present. Treasurer Rob Cormier gave a financial report which was approved by the group. Rob also updated the group on the progress which has been made in the process of incorporation and securing of tax exempt status with the IRS for the BIANEW. A motion was made, seconded and approved to continue to persue the incorporation and filing for tax exempt status with the IRS under the name of BIANEW Inc. with a spending limit of $5,000.


††††††††††† Peter Fetters made a request to the group to continue with the refunding of 50% of the registration fee for members attending The Wisconsin League of Municipalities Building Inspectors Institute latter this month. This was approved by the group. A motion was also made to donate $400 to the League of Municipalities to help offset the costs of operating a hospitality room at the Institute. This was also approved by the group.


††††††††††† Dave Raymond of City of Kaukauna Inspections Department announced to the group that he has completed the production of an outlined and tabulated Uniform Dwelling Code and Code Commentary. He had the initial copy with him which was very well accepted by members viewing it.He further reported he has checked into printing this Code/Commentary but his first quotes are at $50 per copy due to the use of color printing and tabulation. He plans to further research printing costs. Interested parties may contact Dave for more information.


††††††††††† Jack Van Der Weele gave a report on current I.C.C. status and correspondence he has had with the regional representative of the I.C.C.


††††††††††† An announcement was made that an overall review of the April 1 2007 changes to the Commerce storm water and erosion control rules has been made available.A copy is attached to these minutes.


††††††††††† The meeting was adjourned at 12:40PM.


Respectfully submitted

Jon Oldenburg

Secretary BIANEW


NEXT MEETING: May 3 2007 9:30 am. - Comfort Inn & Suites - Shawano
Corner of Hwy 29 & Hwy 22

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