June 1, 2006



President Phil Borchardt called the morning session of the Inspection tour to order at 9:30am with 57 members in attendance.  Maps were distributed to members and six construction sites were ready for inspection.  Code consults were available at the various inspection sites and included Leroy Stublaski, Don Oremus, Ray Weber, and representatives from the Energy Star Program.


The afternoon session of the inspection tour was called to order at 1:30 p.m.  A discussion took place regarding violations that were found at the various inspection sites.  Mr. Stublaski requested that association members send an e-mail to Tom Kasper stating our opinion of the on site inspection training.  Management at the State level does not feel that this training opportunity is a beneficial learning experience.  They are also not pleased with having so many of the State Inspectors out of the office at the same time.


A discussion took place regarding changing the inspection tour for next year.  It was discussed that not every member has all of the credentials and we may be able to split the tour into two sessions during the year.  One would focus on building and heating and the other one on plumbing, electric, or commercial building. 


Leroy stated that the SW chapter is requesting that the state provide training sessions throughout the year instead of all at one time.  Don Oremus stated that he will be providing another 3 hrs of education credits at our Inspection Meeting in November.


Ray Weber stated that the number one complaint to the state is that inspectors are not citing the code sections when issuing orders.  He stated that we should bring our codebooks to training classes and practice looking up the specific code references.


The following violations were found during the inspection tour and were discussed:


1)      The requirement for drainage plane.  Leroy stated that section 21.24 states that all exterior walls shall be covered with a permanent weather resistant finish.  Vinyl siding does not provide the required continuous moisture resistant covering therefor building wrap or paper is required on all exterior surfaces including gable ends and garage walls.  Make sure that the drainage plane is applied in shingle fashion to drain the water away from the dwelling.

2)      Weep holes are required per section 21.26(5)(c).  It states that flashing is required and shall be installed at the bottom of the cavity and weep holes of 3/8” minimum shall be provided directly above the flashing at a horizontal spacing not exceeding 3 feet.  The weep holes also have to be above grade.

3)      Erosion Control as required under section 21.125.  Silt fence is required in addition to the #2-#3 stone for the tracking pads.

4)      Air barriers as required under section 22.04.  It was discussed that air barriers are required on the cold side of the insulation in the cathedral areas of the house where the insulation will be exposed to the cold attic air.

5)      Kraft faced insulation is required to be covered with a minimum of a 15 min thermal barrier.  Leroy stated that the manufacturers have this requirement printed on every piece.

6)      Hurricane ties need to be tied to both plates unless the sheathing extends to the topmost plate and is securely fastened to both exterior plates.

7)      End nails can not be used for floor joists.  The 6’ limit for not having to use ties only applies to rafters and their attachment to the top plates.

8)      Make sure that Rim Joists are approved for use as headers.  The only one with approval is the 1 ¼”.

9)      Rim joists can be used as stringers provided the bottom edge has a 2x4 attached as re-enforcement for the full length of the span per the manufacturer.

10)  Water calcs should be submitted when pex piping is installed so that the inspector can verify that it is sized correctly.

11)  Verify that the manufacturer of any beam installed allows lag bolts drilled into the bottom of the beam for the post to beam connection.



A special “Thank You” to Dennis Jensen and everyone from the City of DePere!!!! Our organization thanks you for all your effort, time, and support in this training opportunity.



Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Nicole Krahn

Secretary, NEWBIA



Looking Forward…


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